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Raggetti RV2 1/2 Size Violin Outift




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Raggetti Raggetti


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  • The Raggetti RV2 is an ideal violin for a beginner
  • With a fine clarity to the sound, the RV2 provides a beginner with ease to play
  • Solid spruce top
  • Solid maple back, neck and sides
  • Ebony pegs, fingerboard and chinrest
  • Comes complete with a case and bow 
  • Includes professional set up (see below for more information)

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Unlike most other entry level instruments the Raggetti RV2 has been designed and made with close reference to traditional violin making. Workers in the Raggetti factory have been trained in the traditional Cremonese fashion in which they carefully graduate the European spruce top and maple back to achieve the best tone possible.

To match the quality of the European spruce a high grade, close grained African ebony is used to make the Swiss-shape pegs and the all-important fingerboard. For performance and tuning stability a French-made Aubert #5 bridge is custom cut and fitted for each instrument and complimented with the inclusion of an ultra light tailpiece with in-built finetuners. Once all these elements are put together the result is a student outfit highly regarded by string specialists for tone and playability.

The outfit is rounded out with a lightweight dart case perfect for ease of transportation particularly in the case of school children carrying additional bags. The classic FPS Brazilwood bow with real horsehair and fully-mounted ebony frog provides the finishing touch to this carefully designed school package.

  • The shape and height of the bridge
  • The shape of the finger board
  • The density of the word of the bridge
  • The weight and length of the tailpiece
  • The type and gauge of strings used
  • The height and shape of the top nut; and
  • The length of, and material used for the tail gut,

All of these processes are intrinsic to one another, and cannot be viewed in isolation. A change in one area can have an array of flow on effects to the instrument and its quality of performance.

At Sound Centre our violins will always be set up for each individual instrument. This will only be carried out by a professional and fully trained, experienced violin maker, who will be able to achieve a high quality set up, leaving your instrument performing at an optimum level.


  • Lubricating tuning pegs
  • Adjusting the height of the top nut
  • Softening the sharp edges of the fingerboard
  • Fitting and adjustment of a quality adjustable foot bridge
  • Adjustment of the factory supplied sound post
  • Fitting of better quality strings
  • Factory supplied tailpiece is lubricated and fitted
  • The bow screw is checked and lubricated
  • The case is checked and assured of properly functioning
  • Bow hair is inspected for an even length, and rosin is applied