Music is enriching, uplifting and inspiring all at the same time.

Regardless of your age or previous musical experience, you can learn music!
Not only is music enjoyable and rewarding to learn, but numerous studies have shown that music tuition improves memory, develops creativity and assists with cognitive and comprehension skills.
The Sound Centre School of Music offers lessons for students and adults of all ages and levels of experience by highly qualified and dedicated teachers.

Guitar • Piano/Keyboard • Drums • Violin • Vocals • Bass • Uke • Banjo

  • No experience needed
  • One on one tuition
  • Performance opportunites
  • No age limits
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Professional teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified, motivating and dedicated.

All our teachers are extremely proficient in their instrument and have a wealth of teaching experience, as well as experience working in bands or as performers.
Their passion for music assures a comprehensive musical education will be delivered.
For your peace of mind, we also ensure that all of our teachers have current Working with Children Checks.

Meet Our Teachers:

Guitar Lessons

Our guitar teachers are extremely skilled and versatile and can teach electric guitar, acoustic steel string guitar and nylon string classical guitar in a wide variety of styles including classical, flamenco, rock, country, folk, contemporary, jazz and blues. Our teachers are all able to teach music notation, tab and theory.


Jose Giraldo
Eldar Ekic
Sam Musca
Niall Ridgeway
Rita Myo Han

Piano & Keyboard Lessons

Our piano teachers are highly qualified and can teach a range of styles from classical through to contemporary, jazz and blues and are also able to tutor in music theory. All our teachers are qualified to prepare students for AMEB examinations.


Thierryno Gangou
Andrew Hamilton
Greg Howieson
Bojana Kock
Priska Tjong
Shaun Jennings

Drum Lessons

Our drum teachers are extremely skilled musicians and can teach a variety of styles including rock, contemporary, jazz, latin, funk and more. All our teachers are qualified to teach drum notation.


Alex Megaw
Tyler Michie
Johneil Vinas

Bass Lessons

Our bass teachers are extremely skilled in electric bass guitar, and can teach a range of genres including rock, blues, funk and jazz and techniques such walking bass and slap bass.


Shaun Jennings
Eldar Ekic
Niall Ridgeway

Vocal Lessons

Our vocal teachers are highly qualified and versatile teachers, and are able to teach a diverse range of vocal styles including contemporary, jazz, funk, blues, soul and more, whilst also imparting correct technique to bring out the best in their students.


Kizzy Davies
Zoe Golovoda
Mariah Hlatywayo

Violin Lessons

Our violin teachers are extremely proficient musicians and can teach most styles including classical, contemporary and jazz as well as music theory and aural skills. All our teachers can prepare students for AMEB examinations.


Chiarene Cooper
Nathaniel Wood

Banjo Lessons

Our banjo teacher is a multi-instrumentalist with experience in a wide variety of musical genres including blues, bluegrass and folk.

Banjo Lessons

Niall Ridgeway

Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele is a great choice for younger children who aren’t quite big enough for guitar, or anyone else who wants to learn this fun instrument, and our ukulele teachers can get them started!


Rita Myo Han
Niall Ridgeway

What Makes Our Teachers Unique?

All Sound Centre teachers have experience working in bands or as performers - they'll give you essential performance tips and inspire you to practice. Their passion for music assures a comprehensive musical education will be delivered.

Apart from having excellent musicianship skills in their preferred instruments, all teachers must hold a current working with children police clearance. Our teachers are able to adapt to each students age, personality and learning style, ensuring effective learning takes place and individual goals are achieved.

The teachers at Sound Centre School Of Music are extremely proficient in their chosen instruments and are carefully selected to meet our professional standards. Our aim is to have the best!

Sound Centre has a reputation second to none. Offering excellent learning facilities and a friendly atmosphere has enabled us to obtain some of the best teachers in Perth.

Lesson Information

We provide tuition in a variety of instruments from guitar, piano, violin, bass, vocals, drums, banjo and ukulele.

On a one-on-one basis. The teacher will tailor lessons to suit your individual requirements.

Lessons run for half an hour, once a week and you remain with the same teacher for the duration of his school term.

Tuition incorporates learning to play and sing songs, how to read music, theory, tablature, oral skills, technical proficiency, ways to practice, develop repertoire and performance.

Our teachers can assist with preparation for exams and entering into other tertiary studies.

We don't offer regular group lessons but from time to time we conduct specialised music workshops which are designed for various ages and groups.

As long as you enjoy learning! Music is a lifelong journey - if you're developing new skills and nurturing your musical talent, then keep going as long as you like.

A written report is prepared by teachers at the end of each year, assessing technical, sight-reading, repertoire, application and Aural skills.

End Of Year Annual Concert

Any musician will tell you the joy of playing to a crowd - it's unmatched!
Our school will give you the opportunity to experience this same excitement for yourself at our end of year concert, open mic day and other performance events. The most important thing is that you have fun along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no limits. Whether you're 8 or 80, come along and give it a go! Both children and mature aged adults attend our school. You can be an absolute beginner and advanced level student.

We take pride in giving our students the best possible service. Our school enjoys a well-rounded musical education that is both enjoyable and productive in air conditioned Studios. We have a children's waiting area with refreshments for your comfort and a wide selection of musical products to choose from in our shop.

Yes, we welcome you to drop in and we'll show you around. You may be able to see a lesson in progress.

All you need to do is complete one of our enrollment forms with your details and choose your preferred instruments. You can enroll at anytime throughout the school term.

That's fine! We allow you to transfer any existing payments to the new instrument you've chosen to learn.

Yes, as a full fee paying student of the school you receive pricing discounts and vouchers. Spend in-store on instruments and books to support your music studies.

We accept payment via cash, credit card or direct deposit prior to commencement.

Yes enrolled students may ask their teacher to nominate them for the band program. Students are required to audition and if selected they are suitably grouped and coached by our teachers.