Yamaha CB7028 28" Bass Drum Expand

Yamaha CB7000 Series Concert Bass Drum


Yamaha Yamaha

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  • Deep, rich and natural tone
  • Manufactured for tuning accuracy
  • Includes 
  • 6-ply birch-ply shell
  • 10-ply birch/mahogany hoops
  • One-piece, high-tension lug casings: 28" concert bass drum has 10 lugs, 32" and the 36" drum has 12 lugs
  • Darkwood Stain Finish
  • Yamaha REMO Nuskyn® batter and resonant head
  • CB-7028: 28" x 14" (71 x 36 cm), 9.8 kg
  • CB-7032: 32" x 16" (81 x 41 cm), 12.4 kg
  • CB-7036: 36" x 16" (91 x 41 cm), 13.8 kg

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New Shell Design

Every aspect of the shell, from material to design, has been reviewed and upgraded in the pursuit of superior sound.


CB-7000 concert bass drums are offered in three popular sizes: 28", 32" and 36" diameters.

Air-Seal System™ Shell

The 6-ply birch-ply shells are made using the unique Yamaha Air-Seal System™ process. This combination of materials and manufacturing process gives Yamaha concert bass drums a warm low fundamental to balance with the ensemble.


The hoops are made from 10-ply birch/mahogany and produced with the Air-Seal System™, providing long-term durability.

Bearing Edge

Improved bearing edges allows for low tone projection with a clear fundamental attack.


Tuning key rods make adjustments quick and simple.

Yamaha Remo Nuskyn® Head

Yamaha Remo Nuskyn® playing heads are included with CB-7000 Series bass drums. These high-quality heads offer attack and sustain is similar to natural skin, along with deep, rich resonance.

Darkwood Stain Finish

A darkwood stain finish complements the look of any ensemble and exudes sophistication and elegance.

Lug Casings

High-tension lug casings distribute head tension evenly for accurate tuning.

Key Rods

Key type tension rods prevent accidental adjustment of tension rods, allowing for greater freedom of physical movement during performances.