Yamaha have been at the forefront of instrument manufacturing for over 120 years and they have proven themselves once again with the incredible TransAcoustic range at Sound Centre.

By incorporating cutting edge technology into the design of their wonderful playing and sounding Acoustic Guitars - Yamaha have managed to create a guitar that not only looks fantastic and plays incredibly, but also gives players the immersive experience of having Reverb and Chorus built-in to the sound of the guitar. Not just plugged in - but also acoustically too!

'How does it work?' you may ask? Yamaha utilises a component called an actuator on the inner surface of the guitar which vibrates in response to the vibrations caused when the guitars strings are played. The subsequent vibrations of the actuator are transferred to the body of the guitar as well as the air inside and around the guitars body, which generates genuine reverb and chorus sounds from inside the body.

With simple controls for Chorus, Reverb and Volume when plugged in - what's not to love about this incredible invention from Yamaha?

The Yamaha TransAcoustic is available in those classic tried and tested shapes including the smaller body FS, the Dreadnought FG and the larger LL16 and LS16 shapes. No matter what you prefer - there's a TransAcoustic for every player!

Thinking Yamaha? Think Sound Centre.