Knowing what gift to buy for Christmas can be tricky, but here at Sound Centre, we have Sound Santa to help guide you! If there's a musician in your family, we have plenty of great gift ideas to suit any budget across all instruments. Here's our Top 10 picks for Christmas 2017.

Watch the video for Sound Santa's guide to Christmas 2017, and read more below!

1. Yamaha C40 Gigmaker Pack - $189

Featuring everything you need to get started on learning to play guitar, the Yamaha C40 Gigmaker pack is a great choice for those just starting out as the C40 guitar is a nylon string guitar. The nylon strings are much softer on the fingers than a steel string acoustic guitar, so it is more enjoyable for beginners. The Gigmaker pack includes the guitar, a Korg digital tuner and an instructional DVD to get you going.

2. Boss GT-1 Multi Effects Pedal - $289

Great gift idea for the guitarist in your family to expand on their sound. Boss are a leading manufacturer of effect pedals, and the GT-1 is no exception. With 108 effect types built in, the possibilities really are endless, plus it's all housed in a rugged chassis so even if it gets knocked around a bit - this effects processor will last for many years.

3. Yamaha DTX400 Digital Drum Kit - $625

Everybody loves to have a hit on some drums, but not everybody loves listening to it - this is where digital drum kits are the perfect match! The Yamaha DTX400 features 10 different drum kit types, from Hard Rock to Funk, Jazz, R&B and more. It has built in training functions, and can even all be controlled via an app on your smart device. For a limited time, includes Christmas Bonus items to give you everything you need to get going: FREE Drum stool, FREE Headphones, FREE Drum sticks

4. Casio CDP-135BK - $549

This digital piano is brand new to the market, featuring 10 high quality tones, a fully weighted scaled hammer action, built in metronome and USB connectivity. It's one of our most popular digital pianos, and is backed by Casio's 5 Year Warranty.

5. Fender Bookends - $95

For the musician that seems to have everything, the Fender Bookends are a great gift idea! They're made from the same timbers the acutal guitars are made from. Available in a variety of styles and colours, these make the perfect gift.

6. LTD EC-256 Electric Guitar - $649

This year's hottest guitar is the EC-256 Eclipse from LTD Guitars. This guitar is proof that a great guitar doesn't need to be insanely expensive. It will draw all the attention with the stunning flame maple top, finished in a variety of colours such as Cobalt Blue, See-Thru Purple Burst or of course the classic Black. You'd normally have to pay at least double for a finish like this, and that's not to mention the other great quality features. It sounds amazing, and looks even better.

7. Steinberg UR22 mkII Recording Pack - $399

Featuring everything you need to get up and running and record your own songs. If there's a musician in your family who you've always thought should be making their own demo - this is the pack you need. It comes with a quality interface which allows you to plug in instruments or microphones to your computer. Speaking of microphones, there's one of those included as well, perfect for recording vocals or instruments, plus also included is a set of high quality studio headphones, and all the software you need to get recording.

8. Yamaha PSR-E363 Portable Keyboard - $299

This keyboard is a little ripper! With Yamaha's market leading technology in keyboards, the PSR-E363 has hundreds of sounds and drum rhythm styles built right in, meaning you can play ANY style of music imaginable. It also has built-in lesson functions and for a limited time only includes a FREE set of Yamaha Headphones.

9. Line 6 Spider V 60 Guitar Amp - $449

This 60 Watt guitar amp has it all - really! Over 100 presets of amp, cab and effects combinations means no matter if it's rock, metal, jazz, funk or any other type of music you play, the Spider V 60 can cover it all. There's even a dedicated app which allows you to control the amp from your phone or tablet, and even search your favourite songs and have the amp settings all taken care of to sound the part! This one is wireless ready, so adding on the Line 6 G10-T wireless transmitter for only $99 gives you a complete wireless set up.

10. AKG K-72 Studio Headphones - $99

These studio quality headphones really bring out the best in your music. Whether it's for playing keyboard, guitar, recording or even just listening to music, the AKG K-72's have an amazing tonal quality to them, bringing out the roaring low end all the way up to the nice crisp high frequencies - the closed back also makes them ideal if you just need to escape into your own musical happy place.