That's right - the legendary Kramer Guitars is coming to Sound Centre!

Forged in the late seventies and exploding into the stratosphere of Heavy Metal and Rock 'N' Roll history in the early eighties, the name Kramer Guitars is synonymous with countless iconic guitarists (ever heard of Eddie Van Halen?), riffs and leads and to this day remains one of the most important names in guitar history.

Not just a rehash of those instantly recognisable '80s shredders, the modern Kramer represents years of design and innovation all with modern production standards that give any player an instrument they can count on to inspire them time after time, riff after riff, solo after solo - no matter the pricepoint.

When it comes to finding your next special something from the Kramer range - you can trust the team at Sound Centre to help with the guidance and advice you need to make sure you get what's right for you.

First shipment due Early November - get in touch to secure your pre-order now!


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