Summon Your Potential

Featuring some of the most advanced features and technology ever to be included in a digital piano, the Kawai Concert Artist Series is the flagship of Kawai's experience of acoustic piano craftsmanship combined with digital innovation, all focused toward one goal: to summon your musical potential. Release your inner concert artistry with the authentic touch and sublime tone that can only be realised by a true acoustic piano maker. Concert Artist is your passport to pure expression - from your heart, to your fingers, to you ears.

Feel The Music

Every key of every Concert Artist piano is solid wood - no air, no plastic filler. And with an action as precise as Kawai's Grand Feel and Grand Feel II, every nuance of your performance is given a life of unparalleled fidelity.

Serious About Sound

Every note you play on the Concert Artist models is derived exclusively from Kawai's breathtaking Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand, sampled under the meticulous conditions you'd expect from a global piano powerhouse. Advanced modelling and synthesis engines weave pristine raw samples into the most natural field of sound ever heard from a digital piano, and a signal path designed in collaboration with premium hi-fi maker Onkyo (CA78 and CA98 only) ensures that what you play is exactly what you hear.

Kawai's exclusive TwinDrive soundboard speaker system is unmatched by any other digital piano maker, and is the jewel in the CA98's crown. Vibrations of sound are transmitted onto a solid spruce soundboard, just like the vibrations of strings of an acoustic piano are transmitted onto a sound board. The resulting experience is truly like no other, bringing the concert piano into any home setting.

Hands On Control

You're here to play, not get swamped in convoluted menus. The full colour, high resolution touchscreen embedded discreetly in CA78's and CA98's bass cheek block is the perfect solution: elegantly understated, and powerfully versatile.

A Polished Performance

Kawai has been making fine acoustic pianos for more than 90 years, and their cabinetry is every bit as refined as their musical technologies. Both CA78 and CA98 are now also available in a stunning, high gloss ebony polish for the ultimate in visual impact. Both models are also available in sumptuous ebony satin and premium rosewood finishes, with the CA48 and CA98 also available in a luxurious white satin - so there's a perfect match for every home.

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