The all new Ibanez Quest Series has just been announced and we couldn't be more excited to welcome this cutting edge new line of guitars to the range right here at Sound Centre!

Available in a range of standard and slanted fret models in both 6 and 7 string as well as HH and HSS configurations - this new series is set to re-define what a modern playing instrument is for those who heed the call.

Here's what Ibanez had to say:

"With new developments in instrument technology, the prominence of more technical playing styles, and players’ desire for lighter, more portable instruments, today’s headless guitars are pushing far beyond designs of the past.

However, even with all these advancements, Ibanez still saw an exciting opportunity in this space.

The Q or Quest series is an entirely new concept for Ibanez. The “Quest” in this case was to not just to adapt an existing instrument into a headless design, but to develop an entirely new guitar from the ground up.

This range features a number of unique elements intended to maximize tone, performance, and playing comfort.

These include, custom designed R1 single coil and Q58 humbucker pickups, a new monotone bridge, and a proprietary custom string locking mechanism.

The QX subseries is also equipped with innovative 8-degree inward slanted frets, uniquely tailoring their ergonomics to the benefit of highly technical players.

Ultimately, this series offers a diverse and versatile enough feature set to attract not only the modern, technical guitarist, but also players who may have never even considered a headless guitar before.

Regardless of genre, Q (Quest) allows guitarists of every background to question the full scope of their creative possibilities."

Available to Pre-Order now at Sound Centre - your Home of Ibanez!

As of the 1st of July, 2021, ETA's are as follows:

Q54 - 1/10/21

Q52 - 31/10/21

QX54QM - 31/8/21

QX52 - 31/10/21

QX527PB - 31/10/21

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