Taking their legacy to an entirely new level - allow us to introduce you to the Blackstar St. James amplifier range from Blackstar at Sound Centre!

Designed to be a versatile, lightweight and great sounding tube amplifier which seamlessly makes use of modern technology, these amplifiers make it effortless to dial in a great sound and are perfect for the eager beginner through to the seasoned professional.

On top of its traditional design, the St. James also incorporates a built-in reactive load which allows for headphone jamming, going direct in FOH at the gig or even making professional quality home studio recordings.

Thanks to Blackstar's Cab Rig DSP simulator you can even sculpt your own stereo cab sim via the Blackstar Architect program with a USB connection and store 3 different patches on the amplifier itself.

To top it off - switch between an output 50 watts, 2 watts or even a power sag setting to get a vintage compression vibe to get your tone sounding its best for whatever playing situation you're in.

Now available from Sound Centre!