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  • Alesis SR16 Drum Machine
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    Alesis SR16 Drum Machine

    Great Selection of 233 Realistic, Natural Drum SoundsDry Form and Sampled With Incomparable Digital ReverbsDynamic ArticulationÅž Feature Enables a Drum Sound to Change Its Tonal Content as It's Played Harder50 Preset Patterns Played in by Top Studio DrummersA, B and Two Fill SectionsCreate and Save Your Own Customized Patterns and SongsFootswitch...

    $295.00 $319.00 -$24.00
  • Mooer Micro Drummer Drum Machine Pedal Mooer Micro Drummer Drum Machine Pedal
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    Mooer Micro Drummer Drum Machine Pedal

    Micro Drummer Is a Compact Drum MacHine That Slots Right Into Your Pedal ChainSports 121 Drumbeats Which Span a Wide Variety of Different Musical StylesCan Be Synced Using the on Board Tap TempoVolume Tona Dn Speed Controls11 Genres of Drum Patterns

    $125.00 $149.95 -$24.95