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8 String Guitars

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In this modern day and age of guitar technology - there are many innovative players and genres that are constantly pushing the boundaries of guitar performance and technique - as such, guitar manufacturers are in turn producing new and exciting instruments to accompany them!

Why add extra strings?

The purpose of adding an extra string/s to your instrument is not to confuse and baffle (although that may well be the case at first) - but to provide an expanded sonic range that your guitar is capable of producing and that you, the player, is capable of exploring.

I already have a 6 string with heavy gauge strings - why can't I just downtune that?

Jackson SLATXSD3-7 Trans PurpleMost Electric Guitars come built with a 24.75" (Les Pauls, SGs) or 25.5" (Stratocasters) Scale Length which is the distance between the Nut and the Bridge of the guitar. A 7 or 8 string guitar will typically be engineered to have an extended scale length ranging from anywhere between 25.5" to 30" depending on manufacturer and build. As stated - many 6 string guitars will have a 25.5" scale, however tuning down on that will in turn sacrifice the range for your lead work on the 1st string.

Scale Lengths

The two main aspects that differing scale lengths influence are overall feel of the strings and intonation. A longer scale length will generally provide more tension and a 'punchy' feel, whilst a shorter scale length will give you less tension and a looser feel. Similar to how you would normally associate a Les Paul with more of a 'beefy' sound whilst a Strat would provide a bit more 'twang'. In regards to intonation, which is how in-tune your string stays the further you go up the neck, typically the longer your scale length the better your string will stay in tune (given that it is setup correctly). Of course there are many players that swear by downtuning a 24.75" guitar, however a longer scale length can help!

All About Nuts!

Another unfortunate pitfall of tuning a standard 6 string down is that the nut (what the strings sit in at the join between the neck headstock) slots may not be built to handle the added thickness and tension that thicker strings will inevitably add. The last thing you want is a broken nut in the studio or even worse, on stage! A 7 string nut will have a wider string slot and likely a wider tuning post hole to accomodate a thicker string which will eliminate needing to irreverisbly modify your beloved 6 string.

Know Your Tone

One other aspect to consider is that 7 and 8 string guitars will often have Pickups specifically voiced for lower tunings. A 6 string downtuned may often sound muddy and get lost in the mix, whilst the pickups designed for the job will ensure that your carefully crafted tone is not lost and that it maintains clarity.


Like any guitar, there is no wrong or right way to go about it, as at the end of the day your fingers and ears like what they feel and hear. But getting the right gear for the right job can always help!


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  • LTD SC-608 Stephen Carpenter Signature Baritone 8 String Guitar - Red Sparkle LTD SC-608 Stephen Carpenter Signature Baritone 8 String Guitar - Red Sparkle
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    ESP LTD SC-608 Stephen Carpenter Signature Baritone 8...

    Stephen Carpenter is a name that needs no introduction to fans of Downtuned, Heavy music. By combining fantastic quality components such as a set of Fishman Fluence SRC Signature Active Pickups and a String Thru Hipshot Bridge and more - the SC-608 Baritone has the tone, style and feel to make any rig complete. Now available from Sound Centre!8...

    $2,595.00 $3,199.00 -$604.00
  • Ibanez RGMS8 8 String Electric Guitar - Black Ibanez RGMS8 8 String Electric Guitar - Black
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    Ibanez RGMS8 Multiscale 8 String Electric Guitar - Black

    The Ibanez RGMS8 was designed with the modern player in mind. With a sleek, super comfortable neck profile combined with crushing pickups and a striking aesthetic - this beautiful instrument is sure to facilitate whatever sounds you try and create. Available now at Sound CentreNeck Type - Wizard III-8 for Multi Scale 5pc Maple/Walnut Body...

    $1,149.00 $1,499.00 -$350.00
  • ESP LTD M-1008 Multi-Scale 8 String - See Thru Black Satin ESP LTD M-1008 Multi-Scale 8 String - See Thru Black Satin
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    ESP LTD M-1008 Multi-Scale 8 String - See Thru Black Satin

    When it comes to serious riffing on a downtuned instrument, the ESP LTD M-1008 Multi Scale 8 String is built to facilitate just that with style, tone and ease. With a set of absolutely crushing Seymour Duncan Sentient/Nazgul Passive pickups and an extended scale length perfect for downtuned intonation, this guitar means serious business for the modern...

    $2,079.00 $2,419.00 -$340.00